About us​

Our company

Founded in 2006 and located in Porto district, our company operates in a variety of industrial sectors, focusing primarily on the development of innovative technological solutions for industry.


Keep constantly updated, following the technological evolution and betting on the continuous training of our technical staff.


Build trusting and cooperative business relationships with our partners, customers and suppliers.


Design, develop and produce innovative technical solutions that contribute to the continuous optimization and innovation of industrial processes.

What We Do ?

Located in Matosinhos, Porto, we are an innovative company dedicated to ongoing technological evolution and the continuous training of our technical staff. We prioritize building trust and cooperative relationships with our partners, customers, and suppliers.

Our focus is on designing and developing industry-leading technical solutions for process optimization and innovation.

Every day, we strive to exceed customer expectations on every project, making us your reliable partner for operational excellence.

Our Partners

our amazing clients

With several years of experience, we proudly welcome over 300 amazing clients to the INESE family. 

Each successful project fuels our appetite for challenges and innovative solutions, accompanied by that extra cup of coffee !