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We develop and deliver “turnkey solutions” designed and built to meet the customer needs: palletising, handling or packaging lines, where we can integrate INESE standard solutions (eg packaging machines, logistics equipment) or integrate equipments that already exist either at the customer instalation or on the market.

We place special emphasis on the versatility and flexibility of our solutions to fit the characteristics of the industry for which they are designed.


Advantages of implementing robotic solutions:

  Accuracy of execution: Precision and control of cycle time and movement accuracy.

  Quality improvement: Ensuring the consistency and standardization of processes or final products.

  Safety: Possibility of working in areas with high risk for the operators.

  Increased Productivity: Smaller production cycles with greater efficiency and repeatability.

  Cost reduction: Automated and simple operations. Reduction of operating times.


INESE makes a detailed evaluation of the customer needs and of the specifics of its operational processes in order to propose an efficient, automated and performance improving solution. The goal is to reduce operating cycles and consequently operational costs, resulting, therefore, in creating added value.

Our mechanical engineering department develops technical solutions taking into account the specific characteristics of our customers business and their operational needs.

To achieve customer satisfaction, INESE exclusively uses reputable brand components to incorporate in its solutions.