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INESE, a company founded in 2006, operates in a wide range of industries. Initially, its core was the development of technological solutions applied to industrial equipment, mostly in the area of automation and control of electrical systems, and has been progressively expanding its area of operation. Currently, INESE develops, produces and sells its own machines, focusing on optimizing processes and improving its efficiency.



With more than 10 years of experience in machine retrofitting, complemented with a wide knowledge of automation and its application to the industry, INESE currently has the capacity and the acquired knowledge to develop solutions adapted to different realities and different needs.

This heritage, together with the professionalism and qualification of our technicians and the partnerships with leading companies in different areas, allows us to provide our clients with exclusive solutions, fully adapted to their needs and expectations.

The main goal of INESE is to create innovative solutions and develop unique and competitive products, adjusted to the customer’s needs. Creating solutions to meet your needs…